Evaluation of Voter ID scheme Pilots

Last Thursday 19th July, the Electoral Commission reported on the outcomes of ID pilots carried out on voters during the May local elections in five districts (Bromley, Woking, Gosport, Watford and Swindon). The need to ask voters for more ID was obstensively to limit potential voter’s fraud. However, none of the areas looked at had any great history of fraudulent activity – and indeed, the absence voting fraud generally across the UK in elections is a common feature.

My experience as a Voice4Change England Summer Intern

I had the opportunity to be an intern at Voice4Change England during the three  months of summer 2018. As a French Student from the Strasbourg Institute of Political Science, summer internships are not mandatory, but recommended in order to confront ourselves to the reality of the subjects we study at the university. I am a student in my first year of Masters in International Relations and European Studies, and will do my second year in International Relations – Conflict and Cooperation.